Better outcomes from evolving Product, Agile & Culture practices in unison

  • Changing culture is hard, so it should come as no surprise that a lot of digital transformation efforts focus on the Agile delivery process and often with lackluster results where it’s easy to question Agile itself or the chosen frameworks and methodologies
  • Modern product practice strives to change the approach from output (what and how much you deliver) to outcomes (the value of your efforts), but these often clash with deeply held cultural norms and the emphasis on process
  • Rather than to throw out your Agile framework or try to completely overhaul your Product function, a better way may be to ensure there is balance between Product, Agile and Culture practices

Is Agile really working?

Product practice and shift to outcomes over output

  • As a product person, the easy answer is that the Agile delivery mechanism doesn’t jibe with our product outcome focus (bad Agile!).
  • As an engineer or delivery person, the answer is “clearly” that product folks and business stakeholders haven’t sorted out what is needed so that we can just focus on delivering solutions efficiently.
  • As a non-product development person, the answer used to be that Agile would make everything much better because we’d do “stuff” so much faster.

Culture, Vision and Alignment

Evolving Product, Agile, and Culture in unison

Example 1: The smooth Agile train

Example 1: Agile delivery-centric organization

Example 2: No rules, just product

Example 2: Product-focus without much process

Example 3: Culture-led with balanced Product and Agile practices

Example 3: Culture-led with balanced Product and Agile practices

The Goldilocks approach




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Karl Persson

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